How I Lost over 20 Pounds – For Now!

scalesSome have asked how I lost over 20 pounds recently.  So I thought I’d give you the skinny (pun intended) on it.  The catalyst really was a friend of mine that is always doing life experiments much like myself.  He ranted about how much better he felt due to his change in eating habits.  Notice he didn’t say “diet”, because diets are proven not to work.

Lifestyle changes do.

Not long thereafter I was reading about a triathlete who was laughing about how many triathletes would spend thousands extra on a bike to lose just a pound or two for a carbon fiber frame.  He believed, as I do, that it would be cheaper just to lose the weight himself. I quickly made the jump to my long distance running.  Why am I carrying all this extra body fat for all these miles!  Viola, now it made since.

I already knew that belly fat is the killer of many people.  I realized as I get older it’s harder to lose weight. Knowing that I love a good life experiment… Knowing that I’ve tried “diets” before and they didn’t prove effective for the long haul… Why not try a lifestyle change experiment?

So how about the lifestyle change already! Primal Blueprint eating lifestyle. Specifically I’m doing the Primal Endurance option for athletes. Yes, I did buy the book!

Basically I’ve cut out bread, desserts, soft drinks, most grains. Know that I’m not ultra strict.  If I’m doing long runs on any given week I will eat pizza!  Not giving that up.  But In the last 2 months I’ve had one soft drink and probably 2 deserts. I’m also pretty liberal with condiments.  Just because ketchup has sugar in it doesn’t mean I’m gonna kick it to the curb!

I eat a lot of red meat, fish, chicken, eggs and bacon, and SOME grains but very little.

So I’ve found this very doable.  I also realize I can cheat periodically and still go back without falling off the wagon.

I must say that I feel better than ever.  My belly fat is lower than it’s ever been.  I weigh about what I did in college.

So far I like this lifestyle change with the Primal Endurance idea with the modifications that I have made (Pizza!).

I also continue to go to the gym 3-4 times per week and run on a regular basis.

If you need to lose a few pounds without dieting, I’d suggest you give the Primal Blueprint a try.

Mark’s daily apple website is a good site to learn more if you’re interested.

I don’t follow EVERYTHING suggested by the Primal Blueprint and I don’t take any supplements other than a daily vitamin (when I remember to take it!)

I also may revert back to old eating habits at some point but for now I’m really enjoying what I believe is long term lifestyle change.

For the record, yes I will periodically drink a coke, eat a dessert, and a piece of bread! I’m not legalistic about it but it will be done sensibly.