Becoming an Amazing Volunteer

volunteer2Who doesn’t like the idea of becoming amazing – at anything!  This week I was researching various ways one can become an amazing volunteer and thought I’d share a few of my findings… Most are from, specifically Michael Lindenmayer

Here are some one liners from the article

-The standard volunteer is insufficient

-A mediocrity is lethal

-Amazing volunteers DO EXIST

Volunteers are crucial in the church environment.  They are often the first people a guest sees.  Volunteers change the entire atmosphere.  Volunteers have the capacity to change a persons day! If they are amazing.

Here are a few traits of an AMAZING Volunteer

1.Results driven – An amazing volunteer wants to accomplish something.  It could be a simple as making someone laugh or smile…

2. Passionate – An amazing volunteer brings their best every time because they want to make a difference.

3. Make no excuses – An amazing volunteer sticks to their commitments! They do their best to make it happen.

4. Champions – An amazing volunteer are champions for the cause.  They are cheerleaders. They thrive on spreading the word.

5. Energizers – An amazing volunteer is the original energy drink. They are amped about what they are doing and people notice.

So if you’re not an amazing volunteer, become one today!  You do make a difference.  For many, you may be the difference.