Cowart Venture Part 1

cowart1Cowart Venture Part 1…

Several months ago at Friendship Church I cast a 50 year vision for the adoption of Cowart Elementary School.  At the time I wasn’t sure exactly what that would look like, remember it was a vision and not a plan!  As the months have passed the vision is slowly becoming a plan.  We still don’t have all the answers but they are unfolding.  With a vision like this it takes time.  All the answers will not always be readily available.  You see that’s what happens when you do hard things.  To resolve hard things takes time because you want to get it as close to right as possible, the first time!  At Friendship Church we’re not afraid to try hard things!  I recently read that we shouldn’t allow hard things to keep us from doing something great.  When one attempts to do something hard in hopes that it becomes something great, it takes time and patience.  That’s why so many of society’s issues, remain issues.  Because hard things aren’t something many prefer to do or have the patience it takes to see them done well.

So as we proceed, there will still be questions that are left unanswered, but for now here is what we do know about our Cowart Venture…

Thursday, July 28 @ 6pm and Sunday, July 31 3pm – In the Sanctuary

Please attend if you are interested in changing someones life by:

helping tutor

drive a van

serve on the organizational teams

work with the parents.

This meeting is being held to see who will be available to help so we can build a successful development program.

So if you’re someone that doesn’t mind doing hard things, and would like to champion a great cause, attend one of these two meetings and make a difference.

Previously we met with all Lifegroup Leaders and presented this information to answer the question, what now? This update related to the adoption of classrooms…

Classroom Adoptions

Thank you so much for your interest in adopting a Cowart classroom. If your group chooses to adopt a classroom it will be for the 2016 – 2017 school year. Below we have listed what a classroom adoption will require.

  • Prayer – First we ask that you pray daily for the teacher, students and their families, and the school. As you develop a relationship with the teacher, we hope that he/she will reach out to you with prayer request.
  • Support and Encourage the Teacher – It is so important that your group encourages and supports the teacher. Your group could send cards or a small teacher gift. It would be great to do these not on the major holidays because this is when they receive gifts from the students. Instead sending a small gift or words of encouragement during testing week, at the end of grading periods, birthday and the just because we are thinking of you. This will help your group build a relationship with the teacher. By forming a relationship with the teacher, your group will be the ones he/she turns to when there is a need in the classroom. It could be classroom supplies, helping in the classroom or a specific need for a student.
  • Help Meet the Needs of the Students – This is a vital part of the classroom adoption. We want the teacher to come to your group when the students have needs. Example of needs could be school supplies, clothing, hygiene supplies, and snacks for testing or field trip funds. Also, a student could have a major need after a disaster such as a fire. In this instance, you may need to work with the Cowart Venture Team to help meet the student’s needs.

Please know that every class will be different and have different needs. We ask that you prayerfully consider your group adopting a classroom. Adoption sign-ups will begin August 14 with the program launching September 11.

* For questions, please contact Kirsten Kelley at 256-232-4906 or email

So know that we have been hard at it, for months, trying to figure out as many details as possible so we can do a great job in the adoption of Cowart Elementary School. Remeber we’re tackling some hard stuff and that takes time and patience.

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