Life Editing

Life Editing

Years ago I ran across a movement called Tiny Houses.  The idea is all about downsizing our homes to the point that we only have what really matters.  The useful stuff and meaningful stuff in life.  While I could care less what size home someone has, the concept seemed very interesting.  As one who loves sailboats, I understand  getting the most out of small spaces.

My research also revealed that this movement is really a subset of a larger group of people that are doing what is known as Life Editing. This consists of people who are interested in editing all the unnecessary stuff out of their lives so they have time for the stuff that matters.  This could include things like clearing all the clutter in our homes, getting rid of all the stuff that we have accumulated over all the years that is no longer used.  It might also include editing commitments in our lives or our work schedules, etc…  Anything that will free up time to do the things in life that really matter.

The Tiny House movement of course isn’t for everyone, but imagine the time saved in cleaning, the money saved in utilities, lack of long term payments for pay off, and owning just the stuff you need.  For many, that doesn’t sound too bad.

I think we could all use some life editing in various areas.  While it may not be extreme like living in a Tiny House, there are probably things in your life that could be edited so you can focus on the things that matter.

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