Target, Bathroom and Gender Identity – My Thoughts!

targetQuoting the story as posed by can start an interesting conversation as to where we are heading in America.  Here is what Fox News states:

“Visit a Target and use whichever bathroom you’d like.

That’s the message the retail giant appears to be sending with a new statement on its website that ostensibly takes aim at so-called “bathroom laws” seeking to restrict men’s and women’s bathrooms to the sex listed on a person’s birth certificate.

“In our stores, we demonstrate our commitment to an inclusive experience in many ways,” the statement said. “Most relevant for the conversations currently under way, we welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity.”

I’m sure this will create a lot of conversation for and against. In fact, I’m sure it’s already caused quite a stir in lifegroups, small groups and Sunday Schools all across the country.

It’s my belief that too many times we as Christians get bent out of shape about issues but do nothing about them.

It’s my belief that Christ was clear on so many issues.  If we do what he did, follow his instructions,our  life, our neighborhoods, our communities, our cities and our world will tend to be better.

Perhaps one of the EASIEST ways to begin to see change for the better was modeled by the disciples, and commanded by Christ.  Tell others about Christ in hopes that they will, over time, become devoted disciples.

Now comes the real question…  Do you really want to become a “change agent” for Christ which in turn over time has the tendency to make the world a better  place?  It’s not easy and it gets messy.  But if you’re tired of the way the world currently looks, God has already told us how change can happen – begin to share Jesus’ story, invite people to church!

Let’s be transparent for a moment.  There was a time in which the story of Jesus went viral.  People were telling others about him at an astounding rate.  People’s lives were transformed.  Families were changed.  Communities were impacted. But can you remember the name of the last person that was sitting with you, as your guest, at any worship service?

There was a time when Christianity went viral in America.  All because people were sharing the story and inviting people to church.  It can happen again.

I believe this so much that this Sunday at Friendship Church we will start a new series…  Going Viral, the 4 days that Jesus’s story went viral and how it can happen again.

So, how upset are you at what you see in the headlines these days?

Are you upset enough to step out of your comfort zone and offer someone an invitation to church?

Invite someone today to be your guest at a church you’re attending.

If enough of us just do what Jesus did, follow his instructions to share the story, our lives, our neighborhoods, our communities, our  cities, and  our world, might just make a turn in so many areas.

It  could start with you.  It could begin today.  Invite!