6 Ways to Make Monday the Best Day EVER!

Monday2Why do Mondays get such a  bad rap?  It’s one of my favorite days of the week! Yup, I’m that guy you hate that seems to always be  in a good mood on Monday. That guy that’s singing “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” all through the halls. Followed by a dance party in my office listening to Earth Wind and Fire’s, “September”.

Monday is just a great day – seriously!

Want to make it yours?  Keep reading!

For me Mondays are all about attitude. Often it’s not the day that’s bad (it’s technically an inanimate object – it’s neutral) so it must be something else! I think that “something else” is our attitude.

Mondays set  the pace for the week.  You have a clean slate for the future.  Mondays create traction for the days that follow.

Mondays are just awesome for me!

Here are some ideas – not all mine, that might help you have a legendary Monday.


  1.  Motivate yourself – Tony Robbins is the best at reminding  us to motivate ourselves.
  2.  Start with Sunday – What?  That’s right start with Sunday.  Spend 30 minutes on Sunday planning your week.
  3. Get up early – If you’re not already.  Leverage the stillness of mornings to plan.
  4. Make it a generous day – Do something awesome on Monday for someone else.  Make it a habit and you’ll look forward to Monday.  If  you want to be really awesome don’t stop at Monday!
  5. Dress for Success – i recently read about this one and it makes sense.  When we look good we feel good.  Try it and see if  it doesn’t work for you
  6. Listen to September by Earth Wind and Fire!

Have a happy Monday cause it’s awesome and so are you!