My Theological Take on Star Wars

star warsThe long awaited Star Wars – The Force Awakens is about to open.

Everyone seems to have a take on this. So I thought I’d throw my thoughts in on the theological implications of what appears to be a blockbuster.

Here they are…  I got nothing!   That’s right, I don’t have one.  Why?  Because sometimes I think we try to read things into other things that don’t exist.  I’m sure at some point someone will speak up and say this or that about the movie.  Now in reality, I bet it’s just going to be a great movie.  No intentional underlying tones of anything.  Just something fun to go watch with your family!

Here is my take on the movie in general…  I still remember the first Star Wars movie – that’s right, the original.  The one that started it all!  I still remember the night I went to see it.  It was playing in Montgomery Alabama where I lived.  The theater was the Montgomery Mall Theater.  I was saddened to google this and find these words about the theater, “The Montgomery Mall Theater opened in 1971 and was operated by ABC Florida State Theaters. It was a single screen seating 800 and was equipped for 70mm presentation. Martin Theaters took over operations and twinned the theater in the early-1980’s. It closed in the late-1980’s and was demolished for expansion of the parking lot for the mall.  You can see an actual picture here.

I can no longer remember my friend that met me there but I still remember part of that night…  I lived on the east side of Montgomery and the mall theatre was on the other side of town.  The weather was great that night.  Why would I remember that?  Because my mode of transportation back then was a Honda XL 125 motorcycle.

There was one part of the movie that I still remember having an impact on me.  This was one of the first movies to use computers for effects.  I remember looking up on that gargantuan screen when one of the spaceships went into light speed.  The stars that were once solitary became like one long white light to denote the new speed of the craft.

That was the coolest thing ever.  So much so I still remember it.  I never became a Star Wars groupie but I sure loved that first one and will be seeing the Force Awakens!  Just go see the movie.  Don’t try to build anything into it if you’re one of those conspiracy types.  Just have some fun!  Maybe I’ll see you there!