5 Stress Busting Tips

We’ve all heard that stress is a killer.  We all know we have it.  Most of us know the situations that we put ourselves in that create it.

So what’s one to do?

The American Institute of Stress suggests these 5 stress busting tips:

Here are 5 tips to help you take back your control and manage your stress—before you mange to ruin your health!

  1. Set a “Stress-less” Schedule.  Build “Gap Time” into your day.  Dr. Kirsch recommends building in five “gaps” a day. One upon waking, one at 10am, 2pm, 4pm and again at bed time.  Each gap is a short two minute (or less) self assessment where you take stock of yourself. Ask yourself, “How am I doing?”  Take a deep breath, focus on how your body feels—are there any tense spots?  Most people hold tension in their forehead, jaw and shoulders.  Relax. Breathe.  Simply scheduling a very short “gap” into the stream of information flowing into your consciousness, will allow you to plug into your “self” and interrupt any stress reactions that are building and make adjustments, which will gradually build your resiliency to stress.
  2. Be Assertive-Learn to say “No” or “Maybe”. If your boss or co-worker is constantly dropping work into your already overflowing “inbox” — try this assertive statement: “ I appreciate your confidence in my work.  I can try to get to this project completed in a timely manner, but as you can see I am already swamped.”   This statement will bring awareness to your overworked situation while also maintaining a positive, team oriented tone.
  3. Take time off.  Use your vacation and personal days each year.  Even if you don’t travel to an exotic location- just time spent relaxing at home away from your typical workplace stressors will relax you and build your resilience.
  4. Find the “Off” button.  Turn off your phones and gadgets after 6 or 8pm each day.  This will allow your body to fully “unplug” from the day’s stressors too. This also means that while at lunch—just focus on eating lunch or chatting with your friends—don’t spend lunch texting or checking emails.
  5. Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk.  Ok, this is really two tips in one—but they really work together as a stress busting power house!  The best stress management techniques are two- fold including both a psychological and physiological intervention—talking and walking are simple and cheap.  Talk to someone about what you are dealing with at work.  It does not have to be a professional, a like-minded co-worker, friend or loved one will do.  Just the act of venting your frustrations makes them easier to cope with on a daily basis.  Walk.  Get out and break a sweat.  Physical activity is far and away the best stress buster out there.  Our bodies have a fight or flight response built in to either fight off an attacking tiger or run away from it to safety.  When under acute stress our bodies are flooded with adrenaline and other chemicals to help us escape the “tiger”. In the workplace, you can’t run away from the “tiger” of workplace stress but you can take a brisk walk during your lunch hour or a jog after work to blow off steam and greatly reduce your body’s stress response.

Give these a try and see if they don’t reduce your stress.