Bible Recommendation

study biblePeriodically I’m asked to help someone select a Bible.

If you’ve tried to buy a Bible lately then you know how crowded the field happens to be.

There are just so many translations and versions.

This week as I was preparing to preach, I reached for one of my many Bibles to see what its text notes said about a specific book.

It was during this process that I remembered what a great resource The Word in Life Study Bible happens to be.

My go to version of the Bible is the New International Version Study Bible.  But many seminaries, including the one I attended, would only accept references from the Revised Standard Version or now the New Revised Standard Version.

Why this version?  The professors felt that it was the closet translation from the actual Hebrew and Greek to English.

If you’re not familiar with some of the more popular translations, you can find a list here.  Want a more exhaustive list of over 100 plus, then check it out here!

If you don’t own a Bible or you’re interested in a serious study Bible to add to your collection, then I’d have to add The Word in Life Study Bible.