No Debt Christmas

no debtNo Debt this Christmas should become our rally cry every year.

But those crazy emotions keep getting in the way – don’t they?

We all want our little Timmy or sweet Suzy to have it better than we did at Christmas.

And so what happens?  We go in debt to be sure that they get what OUR heart feels they should.

Problem is, we often go overboard when we spend on emotions instead of common sense – the new super power!  This typically lands us in a ton of debt.

But let’s face it, it relieves us of a lot of guilt.  It makes us feel good, until…

Until January hits and the bills start coming in.  Then we realize that little Timmy and sweet Suzy have already forgotten the majority of their gifts, or they’re broke, or they didn’t even like them!  The fun of Christmas day has worn off by January but not the debt.  It will come knocking for several months to come.  Debt is really the Christmas gift that just keeps on giving.

Let’s go a step further… Take the kids out of the equation.  Many adults go into debt for each other.  Friends, spouses, work parties, they all add up, and that sum can get quite large causing us to go into deeper debt.

Maybe this Christmas it’s time to stop the madness!  To remember who’s birthday it really is – Jesus.  Now it’s great to buy gifts for others, don’t get me wrong, but not to the point of debt.  Your friends, family and spouse will respect you when you do something crazy and spend within your means. I know, crazy talk. right? It may mean being honest with others and just say we can’t afford to do that.

Maybe the greatest gift of all is to remind your family that we will be spending within our means this Christmas. Yes, that may mean you don’t everything you ask for.  Yes, it may be a rough Christmas morning as your children begin to hear what others received.  Answer?  Send them over to the “in debt” family that got their kids everything they asked for.  Then your kids can play with their toys and you’re no worse for the wear!  🙂

Do that a few seasons as you save and then the years will come where you can get everyone what you want without going into debt.  But it may mean saying no for a few years as you become debt free, living within your means.

Now I would like to give the gift of advice…  Maybe the best present you can give yourself this year is the gift of enrolling in Financial Peace University where you can learn practical tools to help you become debt free!  Many churches offer this, just ask your pastor if yours does.

BTW, don’t forget to give Jesus a financial gift at your church – cause it’s not YOUR birthday!  🙂

Just say no to debt this Christmas.