Red Cup Controversy?

Red Cup
After all the hoopla created by Starbucks Red Cup, I thought I might weigh in.

As I begin, make no mistake, I like Starbucks! Preferably the candy tasting stuff like a nice “Venti” sized Java Chip – with extra chips of course!  BTW, what’s up with the names of sizes at this place?  More on that later!

Let’s start with the “Starbucks War on Christmas” video that went viral with over 14 million views according to  If you haven’t seen it yet you can watch it now.

So here’s my take.  Since when did we start depending on Starbucks for our spiritual stuff?  I mean c’mon, they call a their small cup a “Tall” for crying out loud.  With that in mind, you want to trust them to market Christ? They’re an evangelist for coffee not Christ.  And they are good at it!  They make great products that many enjoy.  But they shouldn’t be the place you look for spiritual marketing.  If we, as Christians, were as good at sharing Christ as Starbucks is at sharing coffee…WOW, what an impact we could make!

Starbucks is a great evangelist for coffee and as Christians we should be great evangelists for Christ!  So invite someone to Starbucks, buy them a Tall Java Chip with extra chips, and tell them what Christ has been doing in your life.

As I heard recently, it’s time for Christians to stop “straining gnats” while we’re “swallowing camels.”

For the record, I love Starbucks so much that anyone that would like to give me a Starbucks gift certificate would be appreciated forever