Why People Hate Mondays

Monday1Let’s face it, many people HATE Mondays!  But, I’m not one of them but you may be.

So I tried to find something with you in mind.  After a little research I found just the right article or you over at Desktime.com!

Here’s a synopsis of their findings:

“The most common thing employees all around the world have, is the fact that they hate Mondays. No joke there, according to the statistics, nearly 80% of people don’t want to go to work on Monday.

So, we asked our Weekdone users and did some research to figure out what’s so difficult about the start of the week. Turns out, people hate Mondays because:

  • They have too many things to do.
  • There is not enough time to finish all of it.”

They took is a step further by providing 10 steps to solve the Monday morning dreads!

  1. Limit the number of plans to focus on what’s important and to do those tasks well
  2. Focus hard and don’t give up until the task is finished
  3. Write down your progress and always reflect on it at the end of the week
  4. If you feel stuck, communicate the problem
  5. Just say “NO”
  6. Start planning your next week already on Friday
  7. Focus more on outcomes and results, not on process and actions
  8. Share your week plans with others and let them know what you’re working on
  9. Divide your week into 5 days of different work areas
  10. Don’t overload others with too much information.

If you want the details you can find the here.

While you are probably already doing many of these, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to hear it again.