Overcoming Generational Poverty Part 1

PovertyPoverty takes on a whole new meaning when it’s generational.

Just found this excellent article about overcoming generational poverty.

It’s a Ph.D paper based on those that have overcome generational poverty and the hardships associated with it.

Findings (from the article)

Several findings emerged from the data. In general, participants articulated that they experienced great shame and humiliation growing up in poverty. They believed that outsiders perceived poverty to be their fault. Participants faced physical, emotional, sociological, and economic barriers to literacy and education at all stages of their lives. Of particular note were participants’ discussions about appearance; jobs; basic needs, including housing, food, and health care; money; and control over one’s life. I briefly report on each of these categories below.

I hope you’ll read this paper as it will change your mind on poverty being just based on bad decisions etc..

You can find that article here.  Please take time to read.