50th Celebration – It’s Finally Here!

FinallyIt’s finally here!  This Sunday we celebrate 50 years of ministry at Friendship!

The Mayor, Ronnie Marks, will be present.  Mark Yarbrough, the County Commissioner, will be present.  Many of the charter members will be seated around you.  Previous staff will be taking their places. They will all be present and so should you!

In our morning celebration we will have a moving video showing how far Friendship has come.  We’ll have old footage of the property and charter members describing what was involved to get to where we are today.  This is a very moving and inspirational video that you don’t want to miss!  In fact it’s a day that you don’t want to miss!

This day has been in the making for literally 50 years!  Over the last several months we’ve been preparing this day with you in mind.  Here’s what you can expect as you arrive this Sunday…  First you’ll notice people happily waving with broad smiles because they’re glad you didn’t miss this important day.  Then you’ll notice the new parking lot stripping  with one way directional arrows so pay attention!  Then before your very eyes you’ll see a tent, a big tent.  A tent that can hold you, your family and several hundred more!  Once you’ve been greeted by our friendly greeters you may want to say hello to people you may not have seen in years.  Then, as you are seated you’ll notice a full blown stage complete with AV.  Then your heart will begin to pound as the countdown nears zero and the event is about to begin.  What a day this will be!

But, it’s not over after the morning service is complete.  After the morning celebration you’ll only know part of the story!  How Friendship has become the awesome church that it is.  But then we’ll come back in the evening to hear the “rest of the story” (think Paul Harvey if you’re old enough).  The day is incomplete if you miss either part.

So as you come back that evening you’ll experience much of the same first rate hospitality that we’re known for.  But you’ll sense that something is different.  This looks and sounds like a party. You’ll notice a history walk depicting where we’ve come from.  Awesome pictures from our past with awesome clothes and hair – tall hair!  You’ll also notice dessert surrounding you!  Then how can one overlook the incredible Ice Cream truck!  Oh yeah!

But before you get to all that we have a very important vision casting message that you will want to hear.  This vision has been in the making for a while now and on this day you’ll get to hear the future.  I’ve shared this vision with our staff and church council and they are excited about it and believe you will be too.  I believe it will inspire and motivate you while at the same time stretch you a little.  But together we can do it and it will make our city and you better as we hear how we can help people live the abundant life God intended us to live,

THEN you get to eat cake and ice cream.  But we said this would be a party!  It wouldn’t be a party without a DJ, so we got one with just you in mind.  The DJ will be playing your favorite dance tunes and you’re free to get after it on the dance floor, and we hope you will!


10 am.        Morning Celebration – The First 50 Years       Calvin Havens to give the message

5 pm.        Evening Celebration – Friendship Future 50 years         Tony Johnson – Vision Casting

Only one morning service for both campuses!

Dress is whatever you feel comfortable in – majority will dress casually

So, it’s finally here and we hope to see you here at Friendship Church as we celebrate 50 years of past ministry and 50 more into the future this Sunday.