50th Celebration – Bundt Cakes, Time Capsules and More?

bundt cakesWhat does our 50th Celebration afternoon segment and bundt cakes and time capsules have in common – EVERYTHING!

It’s not a party without a cake!  So to show our appreciation to everyone that’s had anything to do with Friendship Church in the past and present, we’re ordering you a cake!  That’s right just for you!  Nothing Bundt Cakes will be served that day – home of the most delicious bundt cakes EVER!

We will also have an incredible visual history walk where you can witness the transformation of Friendship Church over the last 50 years.  Some of the first members of Friendship that are in those early pictures are still coming to Friendship – see if you can recognize them on that day.  I’ve seen them and let me tell you that  the clothes and hair styles are awesome!

Did I mention the time capsule?  We  need you to bring something small, that  can fit into a suitcase for our time capsule.  Something that when others open it will describe the wonderful church (people) that we call Friendship.  It can be a picture, letter or anything that you believe will accomplish our goal.  We’ll need it at the afternoon segment of our celebration.

But that’s not all!  There’s more, but I want you to just stay here for now so you don’t have a sensory overload related to this incredible day!  Because it’s gonna be BIG!

Next time you hear  from me I’ll tell you about the DJ (Cupid Shuffle anyone?) and Ice Cream – but not just  any DJ and Ice Cream!