Starbucks – Forgiveness and Customer Service!

imagesWhile in Starbucks today catching up on my reading, I witnessed an incredible display of forgiveness and customer service.

First, let me explain how I arrived at Starbucks.  I believe it’s important for me to be in the community on a regular basis.  This helps me get a feel of what’s happening in people’s lives within our community – because I’m gonna talk to ya if I see an opportunity! 🙂

While reading I began to notice that apparently something had gone astray.  As I began to watch what was happening I realized that a young lady had been burned on her hand by spilled HOT coffee.  After being seated a Starbuck’s employee was immediately apologizing for the mishap.  She quickly had ice ready and was applying it to the ladies hand asking her if she were alright.  The lady said these things happen it was just an accident.  The employee then offered her some burn gel, but the lady refused – at first.  The employee then in a reassuring voice, encouraged her to use it as it was the best and would make her feel much better – she accepted.  All was good.

Now I realize that in an establishment like Starbucks everyone has to do due diligence in light of a sue happy society. But this employee seemed genuinely concerned and caring.  It appeared to make a difference.  She then gave the lady a free Starbucks card good for ANY store.

I’m sure that they are trained in how to deal with these situations and all that, blah, blah, blah.  But from where I sat, this situation came across as someone going the extra mile. She chose to go the extra mile after great customer service, above and beyond what maybe needed to be done – the small things seemed to matter.

In the end the lady that was burned seemed to forgive and all was good.

Seems even when we do the things that we’re supposed to do, they can be done with excellence.  Even in the small things that maybe on one sees and when someone is watching that we aren’t even aware of.

Whose life will you impact today, just doing the things you’re supposed to?  Whose life will you impact today that you never knew was watching?