50th Celebration Details – But Not All!

Friendship logoOn September 13th you  will hardly believe your eyes and ears!  That’s the day we celebrate 50 years of ministry at Friendship.

Imagine with me if you will…

As you roll into the parking lot the first thing you’ll see is the friendly wave from greeters welcoming you to the celebration.  You’ll of course wave back but you’re now somewhat distracted.  By what? A HUGE beautiful tent that screams FUN and CELEBRATION!  I mean BIG because this is an EVENT that needs to be celebrated and experienced in person!  You may want to arrive early to get one of the 600 seats we have provided for you!  This tent is so big NASA can see it from space – I think?  OK, I made that part up – but the tent is going  to be big!

Once you take your seat and get comfy then we know we can begin because this celebration was designed with you and God in mind – because you’re just awesome!  The first thing you’ll realize is that you’re not the only dignitary, not far from you you”ll notice Mayor Ronnie Marks, then not far from him, Mark Yarbrough, Limestone County Commissioner.

Then there are others that have made a lasting impression on Friendship.  The founding pastor, Jeff Bayne will be in attendance to tell us about the early days of Friendship and to  pray over  the next 50.  Then we will recognize our charter members….  Then Rev. Calvin Havens will bring the message, Calvin was very influential in the life of Friendship.

While I’m  not ready to spill all the beans, we will hear from several who helped lay the foundation for the first 50 years at Friendship.

This celebration has the possibility to blow your mind!  So, save the date, it’s gonna be big!

BTW, the let the grandparents and relatives know that the children will be singing.  You see at Friendship, where we Love God, Love Others and Serve, the children aren’t just the future, they’re the present.  This is a FAMILY event because at Friendship we deem family as extremely important!  From a one member family unit to the large family unit!