Sports vs Sunday Morning Part 3

soccer ballSo far you’ve heard varying opinions on Sports vs Sunday Morning.  So it would only be fitting for me to give you my opinion – which may surprise you.

You see, nothing floats a minister’s boat more than a packed house on Sunday morning.  So one would think that anything that would come into conflict with that would create negative feelings for me.  And at one time it did.  But things have changed.

In my opinion the Christian church must admit, whether we agree or not, that people’s lifestyles have changed over the last 20 years.  There are a lot of things that compete with the church on Sunday mornings.  In fact, while on vacation last year, my wife and I decided to visit the beach on Sunday morning.  As I watched a ton of people also taking advantage of Sunday morning I told her that we are up against a formidable foe each week.  There’s a lot competing for people’s time on Sundays!  And they’re a lot of fun!  Can’t believe that I’ve admitted that.  🙂

People are just busy and part of that busyness includes sports on Sunday morning.  Now, this could also include any travel team sport – competition dance, cheer, etc…

I’m pretty sure that I read a few years ago a commentary that Sunday morning sports cold be the death of the church.  At the time I thought they could be right.  But as I said, my opinion has changed.

I have reached a place where I think Sunday morning sports offer a great opportunity to leverage Christianity.  What if we changed our approach and embraced those that wanted to play Sunday sports?


What if we encouraged our church partners (members)  that are involved in sports on Sunday, to consider having a devotional with other families on their team on game day (as many already do).  What if someone knew how to play the guitar and turned it into more of a short time of worship together?  What if we as a church offered a worship experience at our local sports venue on tournament weekends?  What if we embraced the possibility that we could actually reach others that may not have a church affiliation on a normal Sunday, to participate during the season?  What if we actually commissioned families before the season, as we do other missionaries, to be Christ’s hands and feet intentionally during the season?  I now believe we may have missed a great opportunity to reach others by not embracing and leveraging Sunday sports.

Each family needs to be honest in their evaluation on how Sunday morning sports affects their family.  Participation in Saturday and Sunday events, weeks on end, could have more detrimental ramifications than just the spiritual aspect on a young family.  I’ve heard of some families deciding that it’s just too much for a busy family to also be away on weekends so much.  They realize that they have no margin left and it takes its toll over time, both emotionally and financially.  So, it’s in your court (pun intended).  But whatever you decide, be the hands and feet of Christ in all you do and be intentional about it.  Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do anyway?  That’s just my opinion and your mileage may vary.


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