Sports vs. Sunday Morning Part 1

soccer ballLet me begin with a little history.  I grew up playing sports.  Football, baseball, basketball and softball were all familiar to me.  But, I must admit that none were EVER scheduled on Sunday.  In fact, not much of anything was scheduled that would be in conflict with the church on Sunday morning.

A lot of time has passed and things have changed.  Many sports are now intentionally scheduled on Sundays creating mixed emotions.

Some scream that it will be the eventual death of the church as future generations see that Sunday morning worship is optional if something, in their eyes, is more important.  Others say it’s great family time and isn’t that something the church encourages, and it’s seasonal.  So, what’s a person to do?

So today I’ve decided to create a 3 part series that will address this topic.  I’ll post 2 various views and then I’ll post about the thought process I’ve gone through on this topic over the years and my NEW take on it. Then you can decide for yourself.

So here is one take from a blogger at family discipleship path.

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