GlobeAs you may know we run the Friendship Bible Institute 2 times a year in Jinotepe, Nicaragua.  We teach Latin American ministers theology on a close to Seminary level.

One of our teams will be leaving this Saturday and we ask that you take time to pray for them each day.

Here are daily suggestions for our team and the Jinotepe people.



Pray that the Lord would touch the city of Jinotepe now, while the team is there and after they leave. Pray for Friendship Supported missionaries to Nicaragua Marissa and Gerald Lopez.
Pray for the Pastors at the Bible institute. Pray that they would be hungry for the Word and obedient to the Lord’s message. Pray that their churches would be impacted by their participation at the B.I. 
Pray also that the Lord would lead the teachers in every word they speak. 
Pray for the Feeding Center ministries in Jinotepe. Pray that the Lord would continue to bless the children and the servants both physically and spiritually. Pray that He would continue to show these children a tangible example of the Gospel. 
Pray for the small group ministries in Jinotepe. Pray that discipleship would spring from the homes of believers and non-believers alike. Pray that deep relationships would form as the team serves the people, giving them fertile ground to plant the seed of the Gospel.
Pray for the Arms of Love and Blue Bird orphanages in Nicaragua. Pray that the Children would feel God’s fatherly love through the staff all year-round and through the team during their time there. Pray that the government would accept the orphans and begin to support them again. 
Pray again for each team member; ask that God would prepare them and prepare the hearts of the Nicaraguan people to hear His message. Also, praise Him for making a way for the team to go financially.
Thank the Lord for all He has done and will do in Nicaragua! Praise Him for including you in His mission and for sending hope to the world through the people of Friendship.
Pray for all the members of the team including our translators and coordinators. Pray that the team would have a safe flight and that the Lord would open doors to share their testimonies even during travel. 


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