Supreme Court Decision Part 1 – Hamilton

JusticeWith the recent Supreme Court Decision legalizing same sex unions, I felt compelled to write a 4 part response to that decision.

So over the next few days I will post various opinions on the topic.

1.  Adam Hamilton’s view for same sex unions

2.  An average family’s view against same sex unions

3.  Bishop Wallace-Padgett’s official stance – Bishop of the North Alabama Conference of the UMC

4.  My own opinion and some possible responses as Christians to same sex unions

First we must recognize that this is a lightening rod topic for many.  Secondly, we must acknowledge that we don’t all agree with what is right and wrong with this decision.

In every church and denomination across our nation there are people for and against same sex unions.  With that in mind I’m occasionally asked how those that are for it are able to justify it in light of scripture.

Probably the best laid out argument for it, comes from a minister named Adam Hamilton.  Regardless of your stance for or against, I believe this is how some come to the conclusion that same sex unions are justified.

Before I send you to the article, understand that Adam Hamilton is a very respected minister in many circles across denominational lines.  He is a student of the bible and takes it very seriously.  He’s a published author and you may have even used his materials.  So, as I offer his views as one who has been able to justify same sex unions, know that he’s not some yahoo!

Whether you agree or disagree with his statements, it does provide a good example for those that wonder how others agree with same sex unions in light of scripture.

You can find that article here.

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