Top 10 Traits of Entrepreneurial Church Leaders

leader1I have always loved the entrepreneurial spirit as it relates to the church.

That’s why I enjoyed the opportunity to plant a new church over 17 years ago.  It’s also what I enjoy now!  I like to explore new ways in which the church can impact communities.

So while researching qualities of entrepreneurial church leaders I ran across the top 10 traits over at  Of course everyone has their take on what the top 10 traits should be.  See if any of these would make your Top 10 list:

1.  They ask forgiveness, not permission.

2.  They have a brand.

3.  They take risks.

4.  They are obsessive students of their ministry.

5.  They inspire us with vision.

6.  They focus on outcomes.

7.  They think through possibility and practicalities.

8.  They are self-reliant.

9.  They multiply themselves through delegation.

10.  They build networks.

If you would like to read about these in more detail then check the article for yourself.


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