Searching for Life

seti2How’s your spiritual life these days?

How’s your relationship with God?

Is it going great?

Is it non-existent?

Is it in a holding pattern?

Have you lost the love you once had for God?

Regardless of what state your spiritual life is in, we can all agree that it could be better.  Who doesn’t want to have a better spiritual life – a closer relationship with God.

Starting this Sunday we’ll start a new series that will help you create a better relationship with God regardless of where you find yourself today!

You see many people go through lulls in their relationship with God for various reasons. There are even some who are in church every Sunday whose spiritual lives have BEEN dead.  If you haven’t had a lull in your spiritual life, you will.  So expect it, acknowledge it when it happens but don’t accept it will last – not after what you’ll learn this Sunday and throughout this series.

Best part?  You’ll leave with 2 proven ways to guard against checking out on God.  But wait, it gets even better….  We’ll teach you how to create a great spiritual environment to help grow your relationship in ways you may have never thought possible.

Invite a friend and learn how to create an “Out-Of-This-World-Relationship-With- God.

-Come early and see what we have planned that we don’t normally do – at the beginning of worship!

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