10 Tips to Living Within Your Means

MoneyAccording to nerdwallet.com, here are some startling statistics:

U.S. household consumer debt profile:

  • Average credit card debt: $15,611
  • Average mortgage debt: $155,192
  • Average student loan debt: $32,264

In total, American consumers owe:

  • $11.74 trillion in debt
    • An increase of 3.3% from last year
  • $882.6 billion in credit card debt
  • $8.14 trillion in mortgages
  • $1.13 trillion in student loans
    • An increase of 8.% from last year

So getting some tip on how to live within your means might be a welcomed sight.  Mint.com came up with 10 tips to living within your means.  If this is something that interests you then check it out HERE.

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