When Worlds Collide

WorldWhen Worlds Collide – Making Sense of the Crucifixion!

Ever looked forward to something that didn’t meet your expectations?  Of course you have.  Be it a vacation destination, movie ending, or restaurant.

But what happens when people’s expectations of a king don’t line up with reality?  When worlds collide?  What happens to a people who scream loud hosanna’s on Sunday and crucify Him on Friday only to find something missing the following Sunday.

We’ll answer those questions this Sunday as we kick off Holy Week with Palm Sunday.  Spoiler alert, before you leave Worlds will Collide, before your very eyes.  Trust me – they will collide.

In fact, if I had to choose between Palm Sunday or Easter – I’d choose this Sunday, Palm Sunday.  That’s right this Sunday over Easter.  Come and see Worlds Collide as we try to make sense of the crucifixion this Sunday.

It will make you want to leave in silence.


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