My Brief Life as a Chimney Sweep?

Chimney sweepWhile serving a previous church I had the opportunity to become a Chimney Sweep!  What?  Yes, that’s right a chimney sweep.

Here’s how it happened…

One of the members in a recent church has a chimney cleaning business.  He was a school principal and his hours allowed him to have a second part time job.  So, like anyone else would, he decided to open his own chimney cleaning business.  After going to a few seminars on all aspects of chimney cleaning he was up and running with his son as his apprentice.  His son became very busy with high school and sports and began to be iffy on upcoming jobs.  So, when asked by this friend if I could help out…

I began to think, never been a chimney sweep apprentice before – sure I’ll do it.  Thought it would be interesting.  No, I did not wear the top hat etc…  It did not take ling for me to realize the full impact of the word “apprentice”!  It meant that I would be the one climbing the ladders and taking the sweeping brush and cleaning the chimney.  It would mean that I would be the one with all the black ash from head to toe.  It would b me that would be climbing the ladder then pulling it up again and leaning it on the chimney stack on a second story.

Maybe you’ve read that I got a private pilot license early in life.  But what you might find surprising but I actually did not like being on roofs that high up leaning on a chimney!  I also hated that first step back on the ladder when climbing down.

My apprenticeship only lasted about a month but what a ride it was!  So not actually a life as a chimney sweep but not many can say that they have been a chimney sweep and many may not want to!

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