What will they say at your funeral?

Uncle BushUncle Bush Breazeale worried about what would be said at his funeral, so he wanted to have his funeral before he died!  Weird, I know, but in 1938 he did just that and became a local celebrity as thousands came to his funeral and he got to literally hear what people would say at his funeral.

Many of us may have more in common with Uncle Bush than we’d like to admit!  What will they say, at your funeral, that is.  Ever thought about that?  Wouldn’t you like to know?  Maybe, maybe not?

How we live today determines what they’ll say when we’re gone.  As people sit at your funeral the real stories come out.  I mean there’s not much you can do about it then right?  Will your family be proud or embarrassed?  Not by your eulogy where everyone’s a hero and all go to heaven (ever hear a minister say someone was going to hell?), but by those you lived your life with.  Those who were watching when you thought no one was.

You don’t have to have your funeral now to hear what people will say when you’re gone! Want to be sure you’re family won’t be embarassed? This Sunday I’ll share 4 ways you can surrender to God to ensure good things will be said at your funeral!

Uncle Bush’s story took place in the Cave Creek Community of Roane County, Tennessee, near Kingston. It was the height of the summer, 1938, just three days before Uncle Bush’s 74th birthday. The following eye-witness account was published in The Roane County Banner following the ‘funeral’.

See you Sunday!



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