Cave Diving at Midnight

Cave SignSeveral years ago as a life experiment I decided to become a certified PADI scuba diver.

Took what seemed like a ton of classes from SDI in Huntsville that were taught at Oakwood College.

All went well and I received my Open Water certification.  But the bug had bitten.  As with many of my experiments I can’t just stop, I have to take things to the extreme.

So then I got my:

-Advanced open water certification then

-First Responders certification then

-Rescue diver certification then

-Nitrox certification – allows me to mix oxygen and nitrogen for longer dives

Dive Master – a professional diving certification, which allows me to help Instructors teach and work on dive boats in the Gulf

While eating lunch with friends recently I was asked about some of the craziest things I’ve done.

I thought for a moment then replied – I once went cave diving at Midnight.  The sign at the beginning of this post is the typical signage as you enter pretty much any cave in the US.


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