Hell Talk! What Happens When You Die?

when__we_die-913x400Well, we talked about hell yesterday as advertized.  We agreed to disagree and I encouraged everyone to develop their own theology of the subject.

I didn’t skirt the issue and shared my beliefs – of which you didn’t have to agree!

Here is a brief summary.

-Hell is a literal place (we did hear the other side – metaphorical too)

-People actually go there

-Should be avoided at all cost (regardless if literal or metaphorical)

Summary to the 3 questions mentioned in an earlier post:

1. Is Hell real? – Yes

2. Who goes to hell? – Unbelievers (I’m a Jesus is the only way thinker – but that doesn’t mean you have to be – but don’t get this one wrong)

3. How do we avoid hell? Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and REPENT of your sins.

As you develop your own theology on hell, understand you don’t want to get this one wrong!

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