3 Places of Eternity

when__we_die-913x400Our new series, What Happens When We Die? begins this Sunday, March 1.

What do you think happens when you die?  Ever thought about it or does it creep you out?

Many people prefer to skirt any conversations related to death, but I don’t mind tackling the tough conversations. I’m around it more than most and I think it’s the right thing to do.  So we’ll begin a conversation about death this Sunday, but don’t fear it!  Death doesn’t have to be feared and I’ll tell you why this Sunday.

This week is all about Eternity.

Many people believe that Eternity will be spent in one of 3 places.

1.  Go to heaven

2.  Go to hell

3.  Go into the ground and that’s it – or cremated, donated to science, but by whatever means that’s the end.

Eternity lasts forever and forever is a long time!  So we want to get this one right!

So don’t miss this one!

Spoiler Alert – I’m going to have an illustration about eternity that I think will have a lasting impression on our understanding of eternity!  Then we’ll celebrate communion together as we remember that Jesus will be coming again!

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