Shipping Container Homes

shipping-containers-farm6-275x275A few years ago I began my fascination with the tiny home movement.  People who were choosing to live a very simply with just the possessions that mattered.

I’m pretty sure that this was inspired by my love of sailboats and those that chose to live aboard.  I’ve owned a sailboat that you could sleep on.  Not ease with an entire family.  Only essentials could be taken.  But that was usually just for a weekend.

People who choose the time home lifestyle seem to be hardcore!

Several years ago I ran across a subculture of the tiny home movement.  People who were choosing to use shipping containers to be their homes.  Not as mobile as your tiny home that usually has wheels but they compensated well for lack of mobility with just plain “coolness”.

Technically many container homes don’t fall into the Tiny Home category but they do offer a cheaper starting point if you don’t go over board – in my opinion.  If you would like to see some awesome examples then click here!

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