Old School Barber Shops (men only)

BoltGlad to see old school barber shops making a comeback.  I remember going to old school shops when I was in high school. There was a barber that I liked in a building next door to Bama Lanes bowling alley in Montgomery.

He was known for his outrageously big scissors.  Of course back then all I ever got was a scissor cut.  Clippers were only for trim work.

Then there would be a period of time where I would go to Ron the barber in a small town outside of Florence.  He too would give me a scissor cut but something else would always take place during the process.  This too is making a comeback!  While reclining in a REAL barbers chair with a solid footrest he would walk over to the hot towels.  He would then place that warm towel over my face.  Then would come the warm shave cream followed by a strait-razor shave done with precision – otherwise it became a cheap face lift!  Nothing like an old school strait razor shave.

While all this was going on there would always be men waiting on their turn and you never knew where the conversation would turn.

One day I asked Ron where he learned to cut hair so well.  His response – prison.  Ron was my barber for many years and I never had a bad haircut or shave.

I’m glad there is a revival of old school barber shops making a comeback like Bolt Barbers.  Maybe one will be coming to a town near you soon.

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