Bessemer at Sunset SAFE? YES, even if one of Bama’s TOP 10 MOST DANGEROUS!

Click here to watch my latest adventure as I go urban hiking in Bessemer, Alabama at Sunset. Is it safe?

Today’s adventure takes us Urban Hiking into Bessemer, Alabama at Sunset.

I love the city of Bessemer. It can get a bad rap of being one of Alabama’s most dangerous cities but I’ve never felt in danger whatsoever! Love the people and the city!

Today’s micro adventure takes me to the city at Sunset to see what things are like. It was gorgeous Urban Hike at Sunset but hot as fire. Again, I always feel safe in Bessemer even at sunset… Your mileage may vary!

A little more about urban hiking in Bessemer, Alabama, known as the Marvel City. According to Bessemer, Alabama is one of Alabama’s most dangerous cities!