Let’s Get Drunk!

Cesna 172Let’s get drunk!  That’s what many of my high school friends were saying to one another.  Personally never looked very intriguing to me.  I still remember on exam day in high school a girl coming in that had been drinking that morning and vomited all over herself.  Due to the exams she had to come to school in that state.

It was story after story like that when I decided to not waste my hard earned money from Big B Drugs on things that wouldn’t last.

So the next logical thing that any high school boy would think is, how about becoming a private pilot! And another life experiment begins. So a friend and I decided to take a like a $10.00 introductory flight with an instructor.  After that I was hooked!  Started taking lessons in high school and received my private pilot license just after high school graduation from a Beechcraft FAA part 135 flight school.

This life experiment became on of my greatest adventures.  Check back to read more about some crazy stuff I’ve done in aviation like the time I started building an Experimental airplane.  Seriously.

The plane in the picture was my favorite of all. Planes that I was also checked out in included these:

cessna-150-152-06sundowner 180

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