Passion filled life!

one monthWell, we finished our series last week – One Month to Live – 30 Days to a No Regrets Life.

Here’s a summary if you’re interested (Again from Kerry Shook)…

If you’re going to live a regret free life then you must be passionate!

4 Pieces of a passionate life:

1.  Love

2.  Integrity

3.  Forgiveness

4.  Enthusiasm

Selected thoughts from the series:

1.  I have already checked off one of my “Bucket List” items that I had just added this year and        have another that should be completed by summer.

2.  Was challenged by a statement I heard a while back – Sunday shouldn’t be the big event            each week in the life of the church.

3  What we believe must mesh with all we do.  How you believe should be acted out when you         leave the church building.

I challenge you to read this and not feel moved to act.


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