Seriously, let’s talk about death! (Spoiler Alert)

when__we_die-913x400Talk about death?  YUCK!  Who wants to do that?

I’m afraid that’s the point.  Nobody does, and when it invades our lives we don’t know how to handle it.

So on March 1, we’ll start the delicate conversation that IS going to collide with our lives in at least 2 ways.  First, everyone will eventually know someone who dies.  Secondly, it’s part of life’s package and it’s going to happen to us (spoiler alert).  Hope I wasn’t the first to tell you that!

But, because we often fail to have the conversation we’re never quite sure what to make of it.  So I have decided to tackle the tough subject of death.  C’mon, we’re all thinking it but nobody is verbally asking the question, “What Happens When We Die?”.  So we will, and I’m gonna make you like it! 🙂  A lot of this delicate conversation will be serious but done tongue in cheek to take the edge off.

Got questions?  Maybe we’ll have answers if those questions resemble these…  When you die, do you go to heaven, hell or just into the ground and that’s it?  Does everyone get to go to heaven or just Christians?  What about those that have never done a mean thing in their life but aren’t a Christian?  Should I be buried, cremated, be an organ donor, donate my body to science?  Is hell a real place or just a figment of my imagination, what about heaven?  How much does a funeral cost?  How do I plan a funeral?  How long should a memorial service and visitation be?  When do I contact my minister?  What will heaven be like?  If I blow it, what will hell be like?

So join us for this new series beginning March1.

Here are the titles:

Eternity:Forever is a long time!

Hell! Is it for real?

What will they say when I’m gone?

Do we REALLY come back from the dead?

Heaven? If it’s for real, what will it be like?

Graveside:  Help em’ out!

Oddly enough I think we’ll have a good time with this one, so invite a friend.  I know your DYING to know the answers to these questions!

BTW, another lucky subscriber to had lunch bought for them this week!

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