Becoming a minimalist hack!

boxesNot sure when it happened.  Not sure when I started to find minimalism interesting.  For the purist I’m a minimalist hack.  But I enjoy reading and practicing certain aspects.

When you enter my office you’ll notice that most flat spaces are empty. Flat as they should be. Clutter free.  Many of my bookshelves are empty.  Not that I didn’t/don’t own books, I just got rid of all those that were no longer needed.  Currently only one thing hangs on one wall.  All but one surface is left flat (nothing on it) each day when I leave – most days!

During our last move it was decided that we would get rid of a lot of our stuff.  After finding unopened boxes in our previous attic we decided we would never store anything in the attic again.

I would say that I’m a minimalist hack – a selective minimalist.

One of the most impressive simple living blogs that I’ve read is The Minimalists Blog. In particular a certain post where Ryan Nicodemus (blogger) determined that he was all in as a minimalist.  In a moment of desperation he decided to box ALL his belongings and store them in a spare room.  This left his apartment empty except for that one room!  As he needed something he would unbox it.  At the end of the experiment he noted that he had a lot of unopened boxes.  So he got rid of it!  That’s all in!  If you would like to read the entire short story you can find it here.  It’s really a great read.


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