Safety Razor Shaving Life Experiment (men only)

1961 Gillette FatboyWell, it was time for another life experiment.  While perusing the blog The Art of Manliness, I ran across a post entitled How to Shave Like Your Grandpa. It talked about bringing back the lost art of shaving with a double edged safety razor like in days of old (not so old that I don’t remember it – so let’s make that clear).

All that’s needed is a safety razor, blades, shave soap, a shave brush and a bowl – yes, you’re going to mix your own shave soap – no canned stuff here!

So a new life experiment begins.  While in an old hardware store in Florence, Alabama, I saw an old razor in the display case.  Upon further inspection I found out it was a vintage 1961 Gillette Fatboy with an adjustable blade (like the one pictured).  The negotiations began. I made an offer less than that posted and told him I would also purchase a few blades – the deal was struck!

Got home and ordered a shave brush and shave soap.  On most days after I get up, I heat my water, drop my shave brush into it, put a little water on my shave soap, then create a great lather in my bowl with the soap and brush.  The shave is incredible.  Scary at first and nicks do happen and you bleed like a stuck pig (whatever that means).  Bingo, shaving like my grandpa!

To learn how, check out this video from The Art of Manliness.

Soon I’ll post about how to stop bleeding from nicks (and you will) and how to stop razor burn.

Next step may be shaving with an old school vintage straight razor!  Stay tuned.

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