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As I write this it’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. How could anyone forget the horrible atrocities that took place in 1933.  And yet if we don’t study history then it’s bound to repeat itself.

As I thought about this event and searched the facts I was reminded of a documentary I saw a couple weeks ago on Netflix.  It was called Hitler’s Children. It was a solemn reminder that we should never forget.

That was then but what about now?  At the Dailymail.com Bettina Goering talks of her need to be sterilized…

Hermann Goering’s great-niece: ‘I had myself sterilised so I would not pass on the blood of a monster’

This event continues to have an impact to this day and how could it not?


I even took a virtual tour of Auschwitz.
I would encourage you to take time today, whatever day you read this, and pray that this type of atrocity will never happen again.

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