Life Without Cable?

Can there be life without cable?  I wasn’t sure, but I thought what another great life experiment let’s try it and see!

Here’s the real back story.  We had AT&T U-verse and loved it!  But then we moved – just a block away.  Turns out the house we moved from was the last house on the U-verse line?  What?  How can that be?  It was.  No U-verse! How could life ever be the same?  No more taking my TV outside on the deck.  What would we do?

Well, glad you asked.  We decided to go without.  Just go with the internet and Netflix. And that’s what we did for a while.  Then one night while learning all I could about “whatever” on the internet (I love learning new things, currently it’s linguistics) I learned that local stations were required to broadcast in HD for free.  So I bought a cheap HD antenna and started getting local stations in HD for free.  FREE!  This may be one of the best kept secrets ever.

We continue to live without cable TV and yes it’s possible.  I watch less mindless TV and mostly focus on Netflix documentaries (actually learn things).  Yes, I hate not having ESPN as we missed all the great SEC games this year.  But I got a lot of practical things done by not watching cable TV for hours on end.  At this point the advantages of not having cable far outweigh the advantages of having it.  More time to read, run, ride my mountain bike, go for walks, go to the lake, spend with my wife,etc…  Then there are the financial savings each month.  Add up your cable bill for a year and see what you spend.  You may be surprised. No, seriously add it up – right now!

You might want to try this experiment for yourself. In fact I’d recommend it. If you do, my antenna looks like this and hangs on wall but has other options.



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