No Regrets Take 2

I caught the second part of the new series where I attend church and thought I might share some of my notes.  While I suspected that it might be a lot of morbid stuff it has actually been anything but that.  Tons of practical stuff. Some of it might even be helpful to someone who reads this blog.  Her ya go.

Remember, based on the book, One Month to Live.

Basic premise:  We were meant to live the life God gave us to the fullest.  Kerry Shook noted, if we follow Jesus we will see a life

1.  Lived Passionately

2.  Loved Completely

3.  Learned Humbly

4.  Left Boldly

We should do the same if we want a life lived to the fullest.

Living Passionately may mean:

1.  We need to do something drastic

2.  Expect the unexpected

3.  Create God space every day

4.  Keep a constant reminder

The service ended with a young lady that seemed to live these out.  It was titled Catching Kayla and you can see it here.

Last week we were encouraged to create a bucket list.  I was inspired to spend time talking to my wife about bucket list items that we can do now.  This weekend I hope to check one of those off.  Then in a few weeks another.

You might want to do the same.  Take some bucket list items that can be completed in the short term and do it while you still can.  Otherwise you may regret it later.

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