The Experiments Begin!

So, how did the experiments begin? Early in life I decided to try some interesting (read stupid!) things that I thought would be exciting – living life to the fullest.

After spending time with my parents over the weekend, my mother told a story that may be the original experiment. This is probably where it all began.

I stayed with my grandmother during the day while my parents worked.  Her backyard was the actual playground of Bellinger Hill Elementary School. I had caught wind that other kids were signing up for the first grade but there had not been any talk around the house about me doing the same. What? So I decided to take things into my own hands.  My birthday fell on a day that allowed me to start a year earlier than most, a date change that had just started that year.  So at 5 years old I set out to register myself – without anyone knowing I had gone to the school.  The school called my mother that evening and let her know what happened. She informed them that I had not gone to kindergarten at the time and would be going this year.  The response from the school, he answered all the questions we asked satisfactorily while he was here and he’s good to go.  So that’s how I enrolled myself at 5 years old.

There have been repercussions to that first experiment…

–  Had to ride my bike everywhere while friend who were already 14 rode their motorcycles – I know, BIG DEAL

–  Mother dropping you off at high school every day your entire 10th grade year.  I eventually had her drop me off

a block from school and I walked the rest.  Not sure I have recovered from that to this day.

–  Drivers license didn’t materialize until 11th grade – when I turned 16.  Everyone else had been driving for a year.

–  The license issue meant a lot of double dating, Which meant you had to find somebody who would let you

double with them.

– High school graduation came when I was 17 and I started college just a few days later at 17

So, according to my mother that was perhaps the beginning of a long string of experiments in life that continues to this day.

What kid even wants to go to school, much less attempt to enroll themselves?

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