Last week at the church I attend we started a new series, One Month to Live – 30 Days to a No Regret Life.  Not sure I wanted to think about the possibility of only having 30 days to live.  But as we got into the message you couldn’t help but think about it.  I mean how different would your life be if you took that thought seriously?

In the message it was mentioned that one minister noted that if we were really going to live a no regrets life that it would do us well to see how Jesus lived.

That same minister believed that when looking at Jesus life, he gave us 4 principals to living the abundant life.  Now, if you’re like me I’m sometimes skeptical about any quick fixes to anything.  But, these seemed plausible. He said if you want to live a no regrets life then:

1.Live Passionately

2.Love Completely

3.Learn Humbly

4.Leave Boldly

Not bad!  I wish we had gone further in each one but then I realized that this was just an introduction.  Still funny that we’re going into a 30 day situation and the series is lasting longer than that!  Oh well!  Hopefully my lifespan will outlast the series so I can learn how to live the abundant life! 🙂

Apparently we will be looking at Living Passionately this week.  So I Googled Passion.  Passion – strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something.  I’ve been thinking about that this week.  What am I really passionate about?  What fires me up?  What makes me want to get up every morning?

I’m looking forward to what will be said this Sunday.  Kind of worried about what I might be challenged to do as we are normally given something to do to live out what we’ve learned.

Until then, what are you really, I mean seriously passionate about? Is it something significant? Does it add value to your life or more importantly a friend? If you’re not sure, that may be what’s holding you back from a no regrets life.

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