5 Habits of Happy People

While not all inclusive… Let’s get to it… These come to you from entrepreneur.com with an occasional comment of my own..

  1. Make good friends. No brainer right? Wrong! We all know people who drag us down yet we still hang out with them. Don’t be rude, but pick your friends wisely or they’ll drag you down.
  2. Actively express your thankfulness. Send a card, take someone to lunch, send a special Email to show your thanks.
  3. Actively pursue your goals. Unfortunately too many people have no goals in life. They just live each day as though they are phoning it in. Meeting goals can give us the sense of accomplishment which can lead to happiness.
  4. Do what you excel at as often as possible. This can give you the satisfaction of a quick win.
  5. Don’t single-mindedly chase stuff. At some point in life it’s contentment that will bring more happiness not the endless pursuit of more…

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