YUCK – One Month to Live?

Sounds kind of morbid – to know that you only had one month to live!  But the church I attend is starting a new series January 11, 2014 that will address that question.  What would you change if you knew that you only had one month to live? I understand it’s going to be loosely based on the book, One Month to Live – 30 Days to a No Regret Life.  I searched the One Month to Live site and found this:

Founding Pastor, Saddleback Church and International Best-Selling Author of The Purpose Driven Life

“We did the One Month to Live Challenge at Saddleback with absolutely outstanding results!”

One Month to Live.

Really not a bad question to ask every day I suppose- If I only had 30 days to live how would I live today, not tomorrow, not a week from now, but today?  What regrets might I have about my past? What relationships needed mending? What material things might I regret not having or travel opportunities missed?

Sounds like this series is going to encourage me to ask and answer some interesting life questions that I don’t always like talking about.  Guess we’ll see this Sunday!

The ironic part is that the series lasts more than 30 days (5 weeks I think), so I hope we get to the point quickly!  What were they thinking!

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