Is Your Life Progressing?

Has your life become stagnant? Have your days become something you borrowed off the movie Groundhog Day?

Have you stayed in your comfort zone for too long? Need a jump start to get some creativity rolling in your day so that your days begin to have a little excitement?

When is the last time you learned something new? A new hobby, a new skill, a new language, etc… These and more can make a difference in your daily life.

I learned this lesson from a leadership viewpoint. My one time executive coach taught that leaders are learners and leaders are readers. I would commit to a minimum of 24 books a year. But then things started to all run together and then I realized that I could only remember about half of what I read.

So this year I decided to read a ton of Blog Posts in a way to continue to learn but in a speed learning fashion.

While discussing this phenomenon with someone that I have holding me accountable for this area of my life, he reminded me of an important fact. He too had hired the same executive coach years ago and he too became a prolific reader. He said he was having the same conversation with our coach – he couldn’t remember half of what he read. He said that our coach spun around in his chair and said (they were on Skype) look at all these books…. There were literally hundreds on his shelf… Imagine if I only remember half of all these, I’ve still learned a ton!

Get the point? If you only remember half of 5 books verses half of 100…

So I’m back to consuming a ton of books again. But this time in a new way. A way I’ve never tried before…I’m doing it through a paid subscription service called which allows unlimited downloads a month for less than $9.00 a month. This includes book summaries, audio books etc….

I realize once again that I must practice a lifestyle of lifelong learning. Whether on the internet or a book service, etc… We live in an age that you can learn something daily. Your life can progress at a rate like no other time in history.

So if you believe you’re life is stagnant then become a lifelong learner and start today.

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