100 Questions – What Happened to the Mayan Civilization?

I know, I know, you didn’t see this one coming! But I’ve often wondered about civilizations that have been all but wiped off the face of the earth.

It will be helpful to understand how I’ve arrived at what I’m about to say as it’s not going where you think…

I’ve always been interested in civilizations and empires that have been all but wiped off the face of the earth. Like the Roman Empire and the Mayans.

That’s how this started…. But then I hit a wormhole known as the internet as I researched the topic. It was there that I’d learn something I’d never heard of before – global satellite exploration. I guess I should say that I was unaware of the extent that this is taking place – I was aware of the possibility…

Stay with me… I originally read an article from the Washington Post – This Major Discovery Upends Long Held Theories About the Maya Civilization. It noted that with recent satellite imagery we’ve been all wrong about the Mayans and their massive civilization. The article is worth a quick read – very interesting!

But as my research continued I hit the intellectual jackpot for global exploration known as global explorer… Stay with me…

Global explorer actually allows anyone with internet access to help stop archeological looting in Peru and other important historical sites around the world from your home!

How it works… You watch a short tutorial that teaches you about satellite tiles which are just land grids. Then you learn how to spot actual looting dig sites and tell them from, say trees, bushes, etc… You learn how to spot signs of looting by the shape of the holes, number of holes, bulldozer tracks, etc… all from satellite imagery!

Then, get this…. Once the tutorial is finished you actually go and start looking at tiles for potential archeological looting site in real time. The thought is that if they can get enough eyes on the images there is a high likelihood that they can minimalism the problem.

So today I did just that! I did my part in helping archeology stay in the hands of archeologists to preserve history by looking at 18 tiles.

I would encourage you to at least check it out on a rainy day at Globalexplorer.com. I actually found it VERY interesting and you may too.

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