20 Plus Ways to Minister to Your Wife and Family

Whether you’re new to the faith or an old hand… Sometimes we forget that every family needs a spiritual leader. Let’s define family at a minimum a of a person of one! Even singles need to lead themselves – so we’re talking about everybody needing a spiritual leader in the family.

Once again this can be an intimidating proposition regardless of how far you’ve traveled on your spiritual journey, yet it’s a bridge we must cross. You’ll have a healthier family if you do.

While there are many ways to minister to your wife and family I found three to be very important.

  1. I’m always sure that my family is in Worship each week. When my kids were young and lived at home, I didn’t take a vote on who wanted to go to church or not. If it’s Sunday and you’re not sick we would pretty much be in church. We also found it important that they attended Sunday School so that they received appropriate age level teaching.
  2. We would also pray together each day. We would form a circle, ask for prayer requests and pray together to start our day before school. Now that we’re empty nesters we still hold hands and pray before work.
  3. My wife and I still have a date night EVERY week!

While these are just 3 possibilities, I found a post that offers even more ways to minister to your wife and family. I think number 8 is really important and something I think we forget too often – works for husbands and wives.

Check out this list of 25 ways to minister to your wife and family

Leave a comment and tell me which resonates or has worked for you.

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