Spiritual Formation Part Eight – Meditation

Meditation often gets a bad rap! Why? I believe that many associate it with other religions and never realize that Christian meditation has been around for ages. And may be the one Spiritual Discipline that changes your life!

To quote Nathan Foster (The Making of an Ordinary Saint), “The main distinction of Christian meditation is a focus on filling rather then emptying.” (of the mind)

Christian meditation is often done in silence and solitude where you can just be still and listen for God’s often quiet voice and sometime loud scream!

Here are some great quotes from Richard Foster on this meaningful spiritual discipline: “Prayer is the interactive relationship we have with God about what we and God are working on together. Christian meditation is the listening side of this interactive relationship. God speaks and teaches and we listen and obey.” “Christian meditation is the spiritual discipline that helps us to listen well and to hear correctly.”

Christian meditation has become one of my most meaningful spiritual disciplines that I practice. At first it was a struggle. You would think that just sitting in silence and solitude would be easy. But oh how the mind can wander. At first I struggled with just settling my mind down from whatever was happening in my day and redirecting it to the listening of Christ. At times it was like the old saying – it was like trying to heard cats! I would be in a sweet spot of listening to Christ when all the sudden a stray thought would take me somewhere else. But with all the disciplines, the more I practiced the easier it became. Now when I sit to practice Christian meditation it doesn’t take long to settle in. Now don’t get me wrong, I still have my days when my mind will wander, but nothing like it once was.

With all the spiritual disciplines you may go through seasons on what works and what doesn’t. With some spiritual disciplines you not give them the due time to let them work for you – they are called disciplines after all. So don’t write any of them off until you’ve really worked through them.

I would highly encourage you to give Christian meditation a serious look as it may do wonders for your spiritual formation.

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