100 Question Challenge

So another “life experiment” begins… If you’re not familiar, I periodically try something new in my life as an experiment – just to test myself to see how things shake out. This time it’s more of a mental experiment.

So let’s tee this one up before moving forward… I once read that over time, as adults we lose our curiosity. As small children we seem to be curious about everything. We are constantly asking questions – “What is this? How is that made? What does that taste like? What does that mean? How are babies made? Who is Santa? Where did God come from? Why can’t I wear that? Etc…” Insert your own childhood question – we all had one, or 1,000!

But over time we seem to lose the curiosity of those questions that once mesmerized us, and engulfed our lives. Some of those questions we simply figured out, while recently…. Recently I was challenged with this thought – somehow as we grow older we seem to lose our curiosity. We no longer ask the questions thus we fail to seek answers…

So, recently I decided to take a 100 question challenge. The book I was reading challenged my curiosity again. The challenge was to write 100 questions in one sitting about ANYTHING you were curious about. So I did!

I will be posting those questions and answers as another life experiment. Some may be incredible boring while others will be things you’ve also considered but never sought answers. I will mostly reference other material while providing my own commentary.

In the meantime consider the challenge yourself. Write 100 questions in one sitting and inspire your curiosity once again.

Consider leaving one of your 100 questions in the comments.

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    • Sandy Hale on December 26, 2018 at 6:02 pm
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    Tony this is a question I ask my Nana when I was a young girl and she told me we were not supposed to ask those question or question God so I never ask it again. So here goes. Before God there was nothing? God made heaven and earth. First of all there is no such thing as nothing you have to have something to have nothing. For example there is nothing on the table, correct, but you have a table with nothing on it.

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